Saturday, November 8, 2014

Aulay, Day 82

All the fuzz that pretty much covered the little man when he was born is gone, so to me he is looking more and more like Dr. Mc when she was born. His hair is blonde and there isn't much of it, just like his mommy. Until she was about 18 months she didn't have much hair and since it was blonde you couldn't see it. People would ask me why I dressed the little boy in pink. With the little man, Dr. Mc won't have questions like that from silly people.

I don't know how long Auley is, but at 7 lbs. he is about the same size as his mommy. She was 21" long and weighed 7.2 lbs. when she was born on Jan. 3, 1980. Unlike the little man who was born three months early, his mommy was born only three weeks early.

Today I'm creating the final day of de-cluttering the garage apartment. I have one last pile of stuff in the front room that I'll divide into three smaller piles: thrash, donate and keep. Before anything is put back into the garage apartment Mr. B's job is to paint the walls and ceiling. I'm ready for this project to be over!

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