Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Aulay, Day 79

The little man is having a sleep apnea test today so I probably won't see him <sigh>. Sleep apnea is fairly common in premature infants. They can have breathing breaks of up to 15 seconds until six months of age. Doctors don't consider this dangerous unless the breathing breaks last 20 seconds or longer (so I've read). If Aulay does have sleep apnea he may wear a monitor to keep track of his breathing and heart rate. 

I haven't seen him have problems breathing, except when he is feeding. He'll suck on the bottle, but he'll stop to take some deep breaths. I've read and been told that this is also very common in premature babies. Looking at him and seeing how chubby he is, it's hard to believe that his due date is still a couple of weeks away. He looks great, but the development of his central nervous system is still a consideration that could keep him in the hospital.

Today I’m creating an e-blast or two for a client and also doing some proofing. Rose came back from the groomers last night smelling and looking good, but stressed. Whatever I do today, she'll probably be sleeping by my side.

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