Sunday, October 20, 2013

Housekeeping duties - ugh!

Yummy red beans (and rice) for dinner.
My least favorite thing in the world, as I'm sure it is with most people, is housekeeping. But today, it was necessary. Washing clothes. Scrubbing the bathroom. Cleaning the kitchen. None of these are on my top-10 list of fun things to do.

As a reward for doing my chores, I did some online shopping this afternoon. When we bought the casita in 2007, I took winter clothes that I leave there. After losing 50 lbs. I don't think they'll fit anymore. The sweaters will be fine, but I hate walking around pulling up my pants all the time.

Today I'm creating a big pot of red beans. I've been cooking them for several hours and they smell terrific. It's perfect weather for a bowl of red beans and rice topped with cheddar cheese and some green onions. Mustn't forget the side of cornbread.

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