Friday, October 4, 2013

A better day

My fabrics. There's still another wall, but they're organized!
I've gotten support for identifying and talking about the elephant in the room earlier in the week. For example, longtime friend and former office mate Kay commented that if what I said brings about a positive change, then what I did was good. I appreciate that! I also appreciate Stacey – I'm not sure she follows my blogs – who called to say she respected the courage it took to speak about what I did. Today has been a much better day for me because of the support from friends and knowing that I've empowered improvements.

After lunch with good friend Sandy, I came home to a house without electricity. The power was out all over the Houston Heights. There was no sewing today, but I did go to the fabric store to get more trim that I use for straps.

Today I'm creating a logo that all committees can use. I don't want to dilute the organization's brand, so let's not have separate logos for every committee. Instead, I figured out a way to use the current logo, but modify it to include the committee name. That's why, in my mind, I'm a creative marketing genius.

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