Thursday, October 17, 2013

I am a sleepy head

Mr. B and me at the Art Heist last weekend.
I didn't want to get up this morning, so basically I haven't. I think Mr. B was doing everything he could to get me to wake up. Flipping on lights. Banging around. Talking to me and the dogs. But when he left for work, the Pettit girls and their momma just pulled the covers up.

I haven't had time for any crafting so far this week, but tomorrow is another day. I think my calendar is fairly clear all day tomorrow and the weekend. I still need to be building my inventory of bags, totes, pillows and tin jewelry to take to Santa Fe. And then there is the decision of how to prepare my booth for the Santa Fe Recycle Festival. This past weekend I spent time walking around in the rain looking at various booth spaces in the Bayou City Art Festival. I don't think I realized how small a 10'x10' space is once it's filled with displays and merchandise. The trick is to use the vertical space as well as table surface.

Today I'm creating advertising magic in two afternoon meetings and (another) wrap-up meeting for Bayou City Art Festival. Hearing from other people what they thought was good and what could use improvements is so beneficial.

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