Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working 9-5 and volunteering after that

The lawn and reflection pond in front of City Hall
is at the bottom,  some of the artists' tents and trees
are in the middle, and Houston skyscrapers at the
top of the photo. Taken during BCAF DT 2013.
I know people must get tired of reading about my busy days, but that's what I'm living right now. I'm still doing wrap-up meetings for Bayou City Festival and already planning for the 2014 festivals.

My day today was also filled with paying work, which is always a good thing. My Tuesday client is usually about five hours, but today in was eight full hours and a to-do list came home with me. I count four events I'm organizing between now and the end of the month. And tonight I went to a meeting about another volunteer project that I'm involved with in April 2014.

Today I'm creating three invitations, several planning meetings and writing e-blasts that will go out tomorrow and Wednesday. It was a busy, but fulfilling and productive day.

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