Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I haven't sewn a stitch today

I made this apron in honor of
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  
There's still time left today, but so far I haven't been to my studio. My concern is the home show that I'm participating in on Sunday afternoon. This is a Houston Heights Association item that was part of our annual Spring auction. Ladies pay to have lunch, shopping and socializing at a home. We wait until the Fall when the weather is great to have the party. I always buy a ticket to attend. The last couple of years I've also been asked to be a vendor. But when I was asked in the summer to participate as a vendor this year I didn't realize that the event was on the same day as the Bayou City Art Festival. Very poor planning on my part!

I'll have available at the home show about 20 reversible aprons, 10 totes, 10 bags and four or five ponchos. I was planning to make more bags and pillows today and make jewelry tomorrow. I don't have any pillows made, which is unfortunate because at last year's home party I sold five or six of them. All day Friday and Saturday I'll be onsite with Bayou City Art Festival. I'll also be onsite on Sunday morning and will leave the festival just in time to set up for the house party.

Today I'm creating an e-blast to go out tomorrow, writing copy for a website and taking the final photo for a brochure that's going to print on Friday. I'm glad that Mr. B decided to go out tonight with his buddy. I'm certainly no fun to be around right now!

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