Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nice fall weather

New to this year's Bayou City Art Festival Downtown: the
unLIMITed Stage featuring10 terrific local and regional bands.
The long awaited cool front arrived in Houston. I'm hoping that the beautiful fall weather will continue for the next seven days through the downtown Bayou City Art Festival. Oh please, let us have good weather through the festival!

Last night when Mr. B and I were out, I had on a pair of tin earrings I made. I was stopped by people I didn't know, asking where I got the earrings. It was very exciting to talk to people about one of my crafts and send them to the two Houston stores that sell them.

Today I'm creating bags. I made three more today, plus Mr. B worked on my wooden crate. I wanted him to put a bar inside the crate so I could hang necklaces from it. Perfecto! Also, I bought a small wrought-iron table that needed cleaning, which he did. The little table will sit on my table and give some height to my display. The how-to books say to use vertical space, as well as the horizontal table. My display items are coming together. I just need to keep sewing and making jewelry.

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