Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another homemade dinner

Yummy awesomeness.
Mr. B thinks he is in heaven. I used to cook all the time, but lately it has been healthy take out for me and whatever he wants for himself. He's sure he is in a parallel universe because I cooked dinner on Sunday and again tonight. I cooked my own tasty marinara sauce for hours and served it over whole wheat pasta. And there are leftovers, except we won't be home for the next two nights.

It was cool again today, which was really nice. I spent some time outside with the Pettit sisters. Roz, with her bum leg, now needs to be carried outside and put in the grass. She limps around and when she is finished we have to carry her back in the house. This isn't bad in Houston, but it's freezing at night in the high desert.

Today I'm creating an blast for a client. I was awake (sort of), dressed and at an 8 a.m. meeting. It lasted all of 10 minutes. I wonder if this could have been conducted over the telephone.

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