Saturday, October 19, 2013

All afternoon nap

Dreaming of being at the casita in the snow.
I think it was probably 1 p.m. today when I closed my eyes. I remember Mr. B coming in at some point and waking me up because I was talking in my sleep. I know what that unpleasant part of my dreaming was about and why I was upset. Two pleasant parts of my four hour nap involved being with my wonderful paternal grandmother in her home in Bryan, Texas. She has been deceased almost 19 years, but I still dream about her. The third dream that I remember was being in Santa Fe. The sun was setting and it was snowing. In my dream the sun was setting in the north instead of the west. Is there a significance to that?

My social media question of the day is why do people such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus post "selfies" of their semi-naked bodies? Oh wait. Can you say narcissism? I hear there's a pill for everything these days. Someone please prescribe something to control celebrities with narcissistic personality disorder. Or better yet, it's time for the media to stop reporting about them.

Today I'm creating a day off, although this evening I'm going to wash and fold clothes and clean the bathroom. It's another exciting Saturday night in the Pettit household.

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