Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bags, bags and more bags!

Argh! I need a pirate costume for next Saturday's
Art Heist: Treasures of the New World.
After a morning of being lazy, I went upstairs to my studio and made three great bags. I still don't know how many I should have for the Santa Fe Recycle Art Festival, so I just keep making bags and totes. The three I made today are like messenger bags. I didn't take photos of them, but will do so tomorrow.

This evening Mr. B and I had a date. First we went to G Gallery and Redbud Gallery. The art was good and it was great to see people we haven't seen in some time. Next we went to the biannual art opening at Winter Street Studios. There wasn't anything there that I couldn't live without although I think Mr. B would have purchased a collage if I had given the go ahead. I liked the piece, but we already have artwork in the Houston house and in the casita in Santa Fe that aren't hanging. So much art. So little wall space.

Today I'm creating a design template for committees and subcommittees to use. There's an established brand that shouldn't be diluted by committees and subcommittees having their own logo designs. Apparently others didn't learn this principle in Marketing 101, 201, 301, 401, etc. It's OK.

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