Friday, June 27, 2014

A fun afternoon

Mitzie and Dr. Mc loading up on
snacks before the movie.
Mitzie, Dr. Mc and I had lunch today and then went to see Chef. In the movie, the chef losses his job at an Los Angeles restaurant, but finds what's really important in his life (family, friends, passion for cooking). The movie was filled with delicious looking food and great music. I want to find the soundtrack before for the drive to Santa Fe next week.

I was amazed at the price for a matinee ticket, which was $9. What happened to $4 matinee prices? I got bottled water out of a vending machine for $4.75. Amazing! I guess the theater has to make its money from the concessions when only a dozen people are watching the movie.

Today I'm creating revisions to an ad and then going on a date to an art opening this evening with Mr. B. Fun day!

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