Thursday, June 5, 2014

A grammar lesson

Huge bunch of poppies growing in Santa Fe. 
Well, shucks! I'm set to have lunch with Mitzie today and try a new restaurant (Funky Chicken). I'm up. I've "prettied up" as Bobby likes to say. I grab my purse to head out the door, and there's a message from Mitzie canceling lunch. Bummer. What now? I can't be in France but I can watch the French Open.

Oh, look how cute Halep is in her coordinated outfit of orange and purple. Love the bright and bold color combination. Maybe I'll eat my lunch while watching the tennis tournament instead of General Hospital. (I'm still very upset that the preemie died yesterday.)

Today I'm creating communications for a non-profit. And I'm seriously thinking about changing the name of my blog to "Today I'm _____." There are days when I just need to chill instead of creating anything, and the pressure becomes too much to create something every day. If I change the blog name can fill in the blank by using the suffix -ing to form verbal nouns from all sorts of verbs. Washing. Chilling. Communicating. Napping. Traveling. Cooking. Gardening. Contemplating. And the list goes on!

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