Friday, June 20, 2014

Will work for compliments!

Colorful new iPhone case. Thanks, McZams!
I was beyond exhausted by the time I got home from the client event I coordinated last night. Being outside in the heat for four hours will do that to me! Yet it's so rewarding when I received a text message this morning from the "boss" that read: A big shout out to Julie for last night … a perfect event … and lots of hard work … I appreciate it. Oh, yeah!

When I got home last night, the back of the linen dress had on was soaking wet, as was the back of my hair. This morning my feet and legs weren't tired from standing, but my upper arms were crazy sore. For my birthday, Sweetness and Raff gave me a gift certificate for a spa mani/pedi. I plan on putting it to good use this weekend!

Today I'm creating the final text for my ad concepts, as well as a list of items I want to order from the Sundance catalog. If only everything I like in the catalog wasn't so expensive.

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