Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Publicity for non-profit event

More pretty flowers.
In college I started watching the daytime soap opera All My Children. Until it was taken off the air I watched Erica Kane marry 10 times, die and come back to life several times, kill people yet never go to prison, go to prison for tax evasion, go to rehab so she would be off the show during her real life pregnancies, become the CEO of incredibly successful businesses although she rarely worked, and so much more. I also watched One Life to Live from time to time until it went off the air about the same time as All My Children. After both of those "soaps" left the air I'm left with only General Hospital, which started out 50 years ago with most of the characters associated with the hospital (hence the title). Today only about a third of the characters work for the hospital. Another third are associated with "the mob"and the final third are law and order (police and attorneys) fighting the mob.

At the end of today's General Hospital a woman who was assumed dead reappeared (the character was in a coma for 20 years and recently woke up just as her husband found another love), another woman is pregnant (she doesn't know if the father is a mob boss or his son), and a pre-mature baby died. Please. No dying babies. My afternoon is ruined. The writers need to stick with the ridiculous and far fetched plots they do best.

Today I'm creating publicity for a non-profit event. I'm not sure how creative my announcements will be, considering that my afternoon is ruined <insert big sigh here>. Going back to General Hospital for a moment, the husband of the woman who was presumed dead and reappeared today is a doctor and the brother of an evil twin who was a vampire. That's a "soap" plot, not dying babies.

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