Saturday, June 14, 2014

Art walk and shopping

A refreshing cocktail and fun company.
This is the life!
Mr. B and I started the weekend off with a bang! We went to the Houston Contemporary Craft Center for an exhibit of jewelry. There was tons of lovely work! I also like the revamp of Archer Gallery, the museum shop.

Next we were off to dinner at Lexington Grill for a double date with Alle and Marcus. We started off with a refreshing cosmo. Years ago we were at a wonderful restaurant outside of Bath, England. Guests were greeted at the door and lead into a bright and cheery "living room" where your cocktail order was taken. After a relaxing cocktail it was into the dining room for one of the best meals we've ever had. Americans should take a lesson from the Brits on how to unwind before dinner!

Today I'm creating an afternoon of looking at art with my handsome husbby before we do a little shopping for him.

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