Monday, June 23, 2014

Schedule changes

How does this work?
I didn't post Saturday or Sunday because I wasn't feeling well. For many years I've suffered from bouts of pleurisy. I've learned that taking Aleve and resting in bed (sitting up) is just as effective as going to the doctor, getting a prescription, and then resting in bed (sitting up). On Saturday morning around 5 a.m. I woke up Mr. B up because I was having great chest pain. He knew my symptoms so he got dressed and went to the drugstore for Aleve. Within an hour I was resting.

While reading about pleurisy today, which I haven't done in several years, I saw no mention of stress as the cause of the inflammation that makes it difficult to breathe. What happened? I'm thinking I should have a visit with the doctor before I head of to the high desert where I don't trust the medical system. Hopefully I can get into the doctor's office on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week to see if my chest pain is pleurisy or something more significant. Either way, it's probably time that I stopped treating the symptoms (chest pain and difficulty breathing) and started treating the cause.

Today I'm creating a press release. I was supposed to have a meeting about a new advertising campaign today, but it was postponed from Friday to today to tomorrow. Whenever. I'm ready.

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