Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A lazy, rainy birthday

While straightening up I found a box of bracelets I created,
several made from mainly vintage beads.
I couldn't sleep last night. It was a combination of being excited about the future and the McZam peanut along with thinking about my last calendar year (June 18, 2013-June 17, 2014). Like most years, last year was filled with highs and lows, but no regrets. All I hope is that along my journey I learned some new lessons and reaffirmed others that will help me in my coming years.

So far it has been a rainy birthday. How hard is it raining? Rose, who isn't normally bothered by rain and thunder, is under the couch (panting) with her toys and bone. 

Today I'm creating an afternoon of multi-tasking: house straightening, clothes washing, and concept development. I'm looking forward to tonight when Mr. B is treating me and the lovely McCarley sisters and their significant others to dinner at La Griglia. While awake last night I had time to decide what I'm going to eat tonight.  

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