Monday, January 6, 2014


Fun book!
Tomorrow is the big event. I have to be dressed and looking professional at The Houstonian by 8 a.m. to ensure everything is ready. The morning meeting will be for 65 people and three guest speakers and then the afternoon is filled with spa services for 45 or so. I'm looking forward to my mani/pedi.

Mr. B came home sick today. That doesn't happen but maybe every other year, if that often. Although I'm sorry he isn't feeling well, I'm glad he was home to help me put together a professional looking outfit to wear tomorrow. I wear casual or cocktail clothes these days, so finding something (in style) that fits the bill for business attire is difficult.

Today I'm creating final plans for the event tomorrow. Someone left a book on my desk, without a card. I hope it was intended as a gift for me because it's now in my library.

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