Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Mr. B

It was a cool, crisp morning 19 years ago when I married Mr. B. We had a lovely Episcopal church wedding and a really fun reception at Brennan's with about 150 friends and family. Dr. Mc was my 15-year-old attendant and Mr. B's older brother Gary came from Virginia to serve as  his best man. Sweetness was the flower girl and Zac Duran (who married the Saturday after Thanksgiving last year) served as ring bearer. My Goddaughter Madame (a.k.a. Ashley) attended the guest book. I eloped the first time I married, so I was excited that Daddy walked me down the isle when I married Mr. B. Mother had a stroke about two months before the wedding. She was determined to walk down the aisle, and she did with Daddy's help.

During the reception Mitzie got Dr. Mc and her two friends, Katie and Melinda, drunk on champagne. (These three ladies have all been part of each other's weddings during the past five year.) When Mr. B and I went into the dressing room to change clothes after the reception, I tried to convince him to have a "quickie." Apparently Dr. Mc and her friends weren't the only ones who had too much champagne at the reception!

Today I'm creating revisions and more revisions to an announcement. Having a committee of seven or so people making edits is a copywriter's nightmare. I'm signing off the computer for the rest of the evening so I can celebrate with my sweet husband.

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