Sunday, January 26, 2014

A comfy nest

A couple of years ago it snowed in Houston,
and it may happen again this coming week.
Whoa. All the weather forecasters are predicting snow in Houston on Tuesday. And not just some here and there flakes, but an accumulation of three-to-five inches of snow. If this comes to be, the city will once again shut down. I would really hate that because Mr. B and I have plans for our anniversary that don't include driving downtown in snow.

Just in case it does snow on Tuesday, I guess I should create Plan B for our anniversary evening. There's always a bottle or so of champagne in the wine cooler, but what to do about dinner. Mr. B's favorite meal I cook is probably a Beef Bourguignon. It takes two days to prepare so I'm pretty sure that my schedule tomorrow will include a trip to the grocery store, just to be on the safe side.

Today I'm creating nothing. I did get dressed today, but watched movies all day and played on my computer.

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