Thursday, January 16, 2014

Congratulations to Mayor Parker and Kathy Hubbard

We're all too fair for sunning!
I was excited to read that Houston's Mayor Parker and her longtime partner Kathy Hubbard were married in San Francisco today. I'm not sure how the Big Guy upstairs feels about same-sex marriages, but I'm always happy when people in love are able to be together. It was even more exciting to read that Father Paul Fromberg – who was at Christ Church Cathedral and later St. Andrews in Houston – married the couple. And more joy. Friends Judge Steve Kirkland and his partner Mark Parthie were attendants at the wedding.

I had lunch with Mitzie today, which is always fun and uplifting. She and her family have just returned from celebrating her husband's 60th birthday in Cabo. I doubt that we'll ever go to Cabo or Hawaii. Mr. B, the lovely McCarley sister, #1 son-in-law Nick and I are just too fair to spend any time in the sun.

Today I'm creating revisions to an invitation. I have got to get my printer working with my main computer. After all these years as a writer, I need to have printouts of emails to remember what I'm supposed to be doing. Having an electronic calendar just doesn't work for me.

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