Friday, January 24, 2014

A "snow" day

I'm staying in the house today because it's too cold
in my craft area (above the garage) to punch tin.
It's really cold in Texas. In Houston the temperature will remain below freezing most of the day. Just an hour north in Huntsville it snowed last night. This morning, when he was trying to leave for work, it took Mr. B about 15 minutes to defrost the ice off his windshield. Brrrrrr!

All the cold weather resulted in local news channels remaining on the air with live coverage, which is one of my pet peeves. There's nothing more boring than the desk anchors cutting to the same three bundled-up field reporters for hour. To quote former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan after she was whacked on knee, "Why? Why?"

Today I'm creating something warm for dinner. I could really go for some vegetarian chili. But since it's now meatless Monday, maybe turkey chili. Mr. B will like that better. Oh, and cornbread!

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