Thursday, January 23, 2014


In New Braunsfels last weekend, I found wonderful tins recycle into jewelry.
It's good and bad that the neighborhood I live in within Houston-city limits – Houston Heights – is growing and changing. Good because of its improvements and property value increases. Bad because changes and growth can bring about conflict, such as is the case with a situation I've been monitoring for the past couple of months. Today everything came to a head, although I'm sure not a positive conclusion.

The short version of a long story reads like this. An older gentleman in the community, who is a tireless volunteer but has a reputation for doing things his way, stepped outside the policies and procedures of the neighborhood association. What he handmade for the community was good, but how he went about it and the results of his actions were bad. The neighborhood association, which is governed by non-profit as well as governmental rules and regulations, has policies and procedures that must be followed. When the gentleman disregards policies and procedures, the neighborhood association's hands are tied about what they must do. Of course the gentleman's feelings and pride are hurt. And when a community newspaper publishes an article, the situation only worsens. 

Today I'm creating a magazine ad for a client. Remember the song, "Why Can't We Be Friends?" It's ironic that the tune was recorded by War!

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