Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm so happy that we finally have a date for the wedding of Sweetness and Girafferty, I think. They want a small family wedding on Friday night and a blowout party on Saturday night. We've been looking for two venues, and I'm 99% sure that our goal was accomplished today. Without a doubt, finding wedding and reception venues is the hardest job in a wedding.

Next Saturday, Sweetness, Dr. Mc and I are going to look at wedding gowns. I have a feeling that Sweetness will have a dress made, as her older sister did. Dr. Mc didn't even try on wedding dresses. She talked to a seamstress in Santa Fe and feel in love with her and her designs. Dr. Mc's gown was just her style and no one will ever have one like it. Sweetness has a style of dress in mind, but I want her to try on different styles before she makes a final decision. As is expected with Sweetness, she won't be wearing a traditional wedding gown.

Today I'm creating nothing. I've been online a great deal looking at everything wedding, but haven't created anything except pins to Pinterest and watch lists on Facebook.

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