Sunday, February 8, 2015

I have one last pile of clothes on the ottoman in the living room that I need to go through. Included in the pile is the dress Sweetness wore to her high school prom and her graduation gown. Dr. Mc's letter jacket from high school is also in the pile, as are four furs that belonged to my mother. I have neither a use for any of them nor the storage space to keep them.

This journey I've been on to purge what "things" are unnecessary in my life will move from personal items to household items. Many treasures I once felt were important to own now seem meaningless. What I now treasure most are family, a few items that belonged to my grandparents and parents, and several gifts from Mr. B. Am I finally growing up? I hope not because as a dear friend wrote: "There are no grown ups in heaven."

Today I'm creating not a thing. Other than going through the pile of clothes, I'm planning to spend a quiet day at home reading and napping. The grill master worked his magic with dinner for last night and tonight, so I don't have to worry about cooking. Life is great!

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