Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This is the first afternoon of the nanny at the house with Mr. Baby. I felt bad (sort of) that I'm still sorting clothes and they are all over the living room. On a happier note, when I finish sorting this weekend and the house is clean when she comes on Monday afternoon, won't the nanny be surprised.

I've been planning an event for Friday night that is going nowhere fast. Someone else has been taking care of invitations and the production team, while I take care of the food, beverage and flower tasks. The problem is that the man who is supposed to be selling tickets based on an invitation that was sent very late. Now the man won't confirm how many people will be attending. What a nightmare!

Today I'm creating bios and call outs for six different people. One woman said to me, "Can't I use what's online currently?" On her current page where her bio should be it says "coming soon." It has been that way for three years. Time for a change.

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