Friday, February 6, 2015

It has been 26 years since I had a baby in the house so I've forgotten what to do when they won't sleep. This is a problem because Mr. Baby has decided that he only needs 15-20 minute naps instead of a hour long nap in the morning and a longer nap in the afternoon. When he isn't sleeping I'm trying to entertain him and not doing anything else.

Maybe I should add one more piece of baby gear to the house: a swing. When Sweetness was a baby I could put her in a swing and she would be happy for hours. In fact, that's how we got her to sleep at night.

Today I'm creating revisions to a magazine article before sending it off to the publisher. I also need to continue cleaning the house. Tonight Mr. B and I are going to two events. The first one is for the book I edited during 2014. I can now mark "work on a coffee table book" off my bucket list. That feels nice!

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