Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A story about a mother's love

Whenever I took Dr. Mc or Sweetness to get the doctor I cried when they cried. Whenever they were hurt and crying I also cried. Dr. Mc used to laugh at me for being such a softy! Well, yesterday the little man went to the pediatrician for vaccinations. Big Daddy took a picture of The Little Prince with his mama. As you can tell by the expression of his face and the tear in his left eye, he wasn't happy. Then look closely at the pic-of-the-day and you'll also see a tear on Dr. Mc's right check behind her glasses. Awwww. Now who is the softy?

After my Tuesday client meeting I came home and made a delicious pot of bacon, potato and onion soup. I thought it really tasted great, but couldn't get Mr. B, Dr. Mc or Big Daddy to even taste it, much less have a bowl. Note to self: Your family wants meat of some sort with dinner and a few pieces of bacon added for flavoring doesn't count.

Today I'm creating a decorated Christmas tree. The tree is still in the back yard. Wrapped in twine. And not in the stand.

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