Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas brunch with the family

While some people are decorating the tree (mainly the lovely McCarley sisters), some people aren't involved. Mr. B is working his Sunday Sudoko puzzle while Girafferty takes a snooze. The Little Prince is also taking a nap and Big Daddy is MIA (probably in the garage apartment taking a nap).

As for me, I have on a silly Christmas hat and am listening to Christmas jazz while enjoying a mimosa. I should say I'm continuing to enjoy mimosas since I've already had several at the Glass Wall where we had Christmas brunch. This year, Sweetness and Girafferty will be at Pettita Casita in Santa Fe for Christmas. Even when Dr. Mc and Big Daddy lived in Denver while she was in graduate school, she always made it home for Christmas. It will be weird not to have everyone here this Christmas Eve.

Today I'm creating a decorated tree (finally). Actually I'm the design director for the Christmas tree, pointing to places on the tree where ornaments need to be placed. It's good to be me!

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