Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's time for a haircut

TBT when (from l to r) Melinda, Katie and Kendall were
inducted into the National Honor Society. The three met
in the sixth grade and are still good friends.
If I had tons of money I'd have my hair washed and blown dry every day. Or even better, I'd have Jim (my stylist) come to the house every morning to coif my hair. Even better, on his way to the house he'd stop and get me a latte. What the perfect beginning to any day!

I'm still planning for the set up of the holiday show and sale I'm participating in this Saturday. My space is smaller than usual so I'm trying to take advantage of vertical space instead of just table tops. The only problem is that nice shelving is expensive. And as well all know, "it's all in the presentation." Then there's the problem of what to do with the shelving once I've used it in the show. I could save it and use it again, possibly, but where would I store it between shows?

Today I'm creating orders for a client's imprinted merchandise plus creating two or three email blasts. The most fun part of my day (other than holding Aulay) was getting my hair washed, cut and styled.

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