Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's New Year's Eve Eve so let me ask this question ... where did 2014 go? I can't believe that there is only a day left in this year.

Big Daddy Nick and The Suffers have a show in Dallas tomorrow night. Dr. Mc has reluctantly agreed to go to Dallas with Big Daddy. This means that The Little Prince will be staying with the Pettits for two nights. It's amazing how much stuff was brought into the house this afternoon that TLP might potentially need. I had to get lessons on everything. I'm not sure I'll use any of what is now in the living room, but I guess it's good to know how to use it all, just in case.

Today I'm creating more planning for January 2015 events. I checked my blog from December 30, 2013. The weather one year ago is the same as it is today in Houston: cold and gray.

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