Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7, 2012

Back in the boot.
And the foot/ankle saga continues. Stay with me as I explain. I was released by my orthopedic surgeon on September 10, even though my foot and ankle were still swollen and bruised. He told me it would just take time. A week later, I stepped off a curb at the Houstonian and thought I twisted my ankle. It was sore and tender, but OK after a few days. By OK I mean it was back to being swollen and bruised. Two months later, foot still swollen and bruised, I go to a different doctor today, who X-rays my foot and tells me it is broken. I'm back in a boot, going for an MRI this afternoon, and then back to the podiatrist to schedule surgery. I don't know if this is leftover from my first surgery or a result of missing the curb at the Houstonian. The doctor told me today that he would make an incision, clean out the break in the bone, and then put a screw to hold it together until it heals. Oh, say it isn't so!

I'm so upset, not only because I'm out of commission again, but Mr. B and I will have to scrap our trip to Santa Fe at Thanksgiving. Mr. B was going to fly back to Houston and I was going to stay an extra two weeks before driving home with the pups. But I'll never be able to get around on the ice and possible snow after surgery.

Today I'm creating nothing except questions. Will my foot and ankle ever heal? Will I ever be able to wear cute heals again? Stay tuned.

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  1. Well at least you have a nice pedicure in the picture. So sorry. Hopefully this time will be the charm. Sending you positive thoughts.