Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27, 2012

On the scooter, my left knee and leg go on the
padded area, my hands go on the handlebars
and I push with my right leg/foot.
I guess it's time to end my pity party and get back to daily blogging. This afternoon I went to my Tuesday client's office. It was such a production getting there! Although my left foot is injured, Mr. B doesn't think I should drive myself. He came home around noon and took me to my client's office. The photo today shows my scooter at the office and the bag I put on the handlebars. I can put anything I need in the bag and take it with me. To the right are my crutches in case I need to get into a tight spot where the scooter wouldn't fit. It hasn't been a bad afternoon, but my foot is aching and I'm ready to go home. Mr. B will be back to get me in about 30 minutes. I hope he is on time.

It looks much colder in Houston than it really is. The little niche where I sit on Tuesdays is in a corner and there are two windows at a 45 degree angle from each other. Just a few minutes ago the sun was shining, but now it's cloudy out both of my windows.

Today I'm creating a magazine article and an invitation. I read on a neighborhood site that people have been stealing packages from porches. I just hate that, especially since I've been ordering gifts from the Internet. I'm not home this afternoon to keep a look out for the postman. I hope nothing gets stolen!

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