Saturday, November 10, 2012

November 10, 2012

Fabulous second night at Art on the Avenue. Mr B and I didn't buy anything else tonight, but we saw so many friends! I love seeing people support art when the proceeds benefit worthy causes, such as affordable housing. Affordable homes is so important in today's economy when the dream of home ownership has basically been destroyed during the past four years.
Fun time tonight with Sherry Kline, Dr. Mc and
Richard McCarley at Art on the Avenue (Sweetness,
far right, was off having her own fun).

I stayed in the house with my foot elevated most of today. I hear this is what I need to be doing. Sweet baby Rose is always happy when her mama is in the house. We napped throughout the day.

Today I'm creating rest time for my foot. It's amazing that I walked around for about six weeks on a broken foot, although I was so careful about my left foot that I was destroying my right hip. In the next few weeks, all will be fixed and well again.

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