Monday, July 13, 2015

The times, they are a changin'

I saw TLP last night for a few minutes, but he was tired and semi-cranky. It was a busy weekend for him being in Tiki Island and out on a boat on Saturday, having a play date with friends on Sunday, and then swimming and dinner with Big Daddy's family last night. It was so sweet how he laid on my chest and slept for a few minutes before he woke up and was on the move.

This morning he was really moving. The days of him sitting on the bed with me in the mornings is now gone. Last week he started his version of crawling. He doesn't get on his knees, but instead uses his feet to push himself along. Although his crawling may look strange, it is highly effective as he is now everywhere. I'm going to have to get a kid's gate to put at the door of the television room where I stay with him. He is also going to need long pants to keep his needs from getting burned on the rug.

Today I'm creating work: blogs, follow-ups, newsletter, etc. Back in the heat and wishing I was in the high desert.

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