Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!

An outtake from the engagement photos.
Last night I watched a documentary on the Biography channel of Benedict Arnold that almost made him seem like a hero. As an outspoken military leader who was prone to taking great risks, maybe he didn't receive the recognition he deserved. Because he was unpopular he was passed over for promotions when others took credit for his accomplishments. In some ways Arnold reminds me of George Patton, except Patton didn't switch sides and fight for the Germans when he didn't get what he wanted.

Letters written by Arnold and given to George Washington confirm that Arnold was a traitor who sold American military plans to the British. Arnold did many things to weaken the American army, including selling American supplies on the black market for personal profit. Even after the war was over and he moved to England, Arnold had a very questionable reputation as businessman for his unscrupulous acts.

Today I'm creating a day of packing and relaxing. I've stayed inside the house all day watching a marathon of Sons of Liberty on the History Channel. I wish that the producers, directors and/or writers of such programs would stop messing with the true facts of American history. For example, all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence weren't present to sign the document at the same time, and yet that's what is continually depicted. I want these people to stop rewriting history!

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