Friday, July 3, 2015

Sweetness and Girafferty.
As Mr. B says, it's Africa hot outside. I'm not sure how he knows how hot it is in Africa since he hasn't been there, but I won't argue with him that it is hot.

TLP is feeling better today. His nose is still runny. His eyes are still red and puffy. But he doesn't seem to be as congested as he was yesterday. He had a fever last night so we gave him some Tylenol. Dr. Mc was able to reach the doctor on the phone. She told Dr. Mc we were doing the right things and to call back if his fever spiked to 104 degrees. Dr. Mc and I agreed that before his fever got to 104 we would have him at the hospital!

Today I'm creating a day of getting items ready to take with me to Santa Fe. Tomorrow, which is July 4, will be a day of cleaning house before I leave for Santa Fe on Sunday morning.

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