Monday, July 27, 2015

Done, done and done!

TLP splashing in his kiddie pool on
a hot Sunday afternoon. 
I spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons addressing wedding invitations. Yes, I learned cursive when I was in school so I usually address everything because I have the perfect teacher handwriting. In fact, I often get asked if I was a teacher when people see my handwriting. Dr. Mc never learned cursive. She always prints, usually in all caps. Sweetness is left handed so her cursive isn't that great.

Dr. Mc and I had quite the set up for addressing envelopes. While I was addressing wedding invitations, she was working on invitations for TLP's first birthday party and entertaining him. It's so hard to believe that in just a few weeks he will be a year old. From a rocky start he has come a very long way! We are so blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby.

Today I'm creating a drive to the post office to mail everything. I'm so excited to have completed all of the addressing. Then I'll be working on blogs and a magazine article.

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