Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What a night in Houston. Rain. Rain. And then, more rain, thunder and lightning. Once the sun came out, the photos on television and social media were disturbing. There was so much water everywhere.

We were extremely lucky! When the water started rising we were afraid that Mr. B's Lexus would flood. It was in the driveway and is so low to the ground. It was fine. Dr. Mc, Big Daddy, and TLP were across town and didn't make it home until this afternoon. They had parked a car on the street, but it was high enough and safe. I talked to Sweetness. She was out, but was close to the Zamora's house and was probably going to spend the night there. The only water we had was in the garage.

Today I'm creating work in the garage. Everything on the floor was soaked.

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