Friday, May 29, 2015

Mr. Baby looks so cute today in his little madras plaid shorts. I love babies in shorts! Their little legs are so chubby and short, which means their shorts aren't that short at all. (How many times can I use short or shorts in one sentence?) Of course, TLP looks adorable in everything he wears.

Often when I take photos of TLP, there is a quilt somewhere in the background or under him. I'm so lucky to have quilts that were made by my grandmother, mother and sister-in-law. I've also made quilts for the little guy that are kept with him. I also have three baby blankets that were made by my grandmother and mother. My grandmother was quite handy with a crochet needle and my mother could knit really fast. I never learned to knit or crochet.

Today I'm creating alterations to a dress that Dr. Mc is wearing to a wedding tomorrow. I've also been concepting promotional ideas. Rose is off getting her summer do and Mr. Baby just left to visit Big Daddy's parents. It's too early for a cocktail. Maybe I'll just kick back.

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