Monday, May 11, 2015

Entertaining so many people on Mother's Day
wore out TLP!
We had a yummy, busy and fun Mother's Day at the Pettit abode. Dr. Mc and Big Daddy did most of the cooking, but We had the same wonderful menu as last year and I didn't hear anyone complaining! Chicken and waffles covered in syrup. Homemade biscuits smothered in creamy gravy. Green Salad. Fruit Salad. And, of course, there were more of enough cocktails. Big Daddy and I were in charge of the waffles and chicken. I don't know about him, but I should have stopped to eat and had a few less cocktails.

We set up three tables outside, but there was very little breeze or shade so almost everyone ate inside in shifts. I guess there were 20 people at the house, which made the day very fun! Mr. Baby was confused because all his grandparents were at one house. If he could talk, he would have said, "Hey, what are you doing at THIS house?" His mama still made him take a nap even though he was in party mood.

Today I'm creating three magazine articles. I'm not at all inspired with ideas and don't have any input. I'd rather be home having a nap with Mr. Baby.

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