Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I cropped his little bottom out of the picture
so his mama won't get upset with me.
I'm happy that Mr. B and I made the decision to lease Pettita Casita in Santa Fe, NM, so the casita doesn't sit empty and lonely when no one is there. But on days like today in Houston I wish I were in Santa Fe right now! The linen pants and shirt that I put on this morning are a wrinkled mess, and I have to keep wearing them until probably 7:30 p.m. Interesting that my clothes sag and my hair crinkles up.

It started out rainy this morning and Mr. Baby took advantage of the great napping weather. He woke up and played before lunch, when it started raining again. Now it's simply warm and muggy! Of course this is the time when I need to be running in and out of places getting ready for an open house tonight.

Today I'm creating multiple articles and prepping for the open house. I found the most beautiful roses at the floral market. They are white with red tips. It's unfortunate that they aren't also fragrant!

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