Saturday, May 30, 2015

Such a happy boy, wild hair and all.
As soon as Mr. B got home from washing both cars, the thunder started. There hasn't been any rain yet, but it's coming.

I was wondering if I should straighten my hair for the wedding tonight or wear it curly. I guess the weather has made that decision for me. There's no need to straighten my hair if it's going to be raining.

Today I'm creating shortened straps on Dr. Mc's dress. Big Daddy is a groomsman in a childhood friend's wedding (a different wedding than the one Mr. B and I are attending). Back to Dr. Mc's dress, the straps were too long. Although it sounds simple, the process of separating the two-inch wide strap from the lining, trimming two-inches off of them and then sewing it back together was challenging for my sewing skills. Although I measured everything on her before making the cuts, the final results won't be known for another hour or so when she puts on her dress. Fingers crossed!

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