Monday, April 20, 2015

Yesterday I posted a photo of mother and child so today I'm giving equal time to papa and child taken by Dr. Mc last weekend. She and TLP drove to NOLA to meet Big Daddy after his last performance on the road trip with The Suffers. As always, she got several great shots of Aulay, including this one with his daddy.

I love the contrast in the coloring of Big Daddy and TLP. I don't think anyone ever thought that Mr. Baby would be born with blonde hair and blue eyes, considering Nick's coloring, even though he had light hair when he was born. To tell you the truth, I would have loved this little guy if he had been born with purple hair and orange eyes.

Today I'm creating the finishing touches to a newsletter for a non-profit organization and working on the program for an event that will take place this Thursday evening. I can only hope that the rains scheduled for Wednesday are short since the event on Thursday is outdoors.

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