Thursday, April 9, 2015

It was a TBT for Mr. Baby. He went to Texas Children's Hospital this morning for a follow-up procedure on his hearing. He was sedated because the procedure was supposed to last three hours. I felt so sorry for TLP because, just as with adult procedures, he couldn't eat after a certain time.

Aulay decided to sleep through part of the procedure, then wake up and pull most of the "leads" out. He was fed some Pedialyte and went back to sleep. Dr. Mc held him while all the wires were reattached, but he soon woke up. The doctors determined that the rest of the procedure wasn't going to happen. Fortunately, they had completed most of the tests and could find nothing wrong with the Mr. Baby's hearing, so he was sent home. It's times like this when I look at Mr. Baby and find it hard to believe that he was a micro preemie. It's also hard for doctors to believe that he was born weighing 1 pound 14 ounces because he is so healthy today. Once again it makes me realized how blessed we are that this baby is so healthy.

Today I'm creating a newspaper article. I sent it off for review and now have to wait for revisions and edits.

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