Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My mom in the mid-50s. She would have
been 86 today.
Yesterday we had beautiful weather in Houston, but today it has been overcast most of the day. The weather man was predicting rain all day, but "in town" there have only been a few sprinkles. Of course the event I'm planning for tomorrow night is outside and it is supposed to rain. Let's see, where did I put those rain boots?

I had some time to kill this afternoon so, of course, I went to look at some shoes (found nothing). Then I went to look at some baby clothes, which is my next favorite thing to shop for other than shoes. TLP is growing so fast that he is outgrowing everything after two or three wearings. All the little shorts at The Gap Kids were so cute that I couldn't resist, especially the plaid ones. So adorable.

Today I'm creating the first draft of a magazine article. It's not due until next Thursday, but this weekend is going to be busy with events (as are most of my weekends right now). Mr. B is promising to take some time off next week. I tried to convince him to fly off somewhere, but he didn't bite. Bummer.

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