Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday, fun day!

Mr. B enjoying family and the conversation on Christmas Eve.
I was going to jump out of bed this morning to get to one of my favorite stores (Eclectic Home on 19th Street) when the doors opened. I was in Eclectic Home and its sister store, Coda, on Christmas Eve-Eve getting new decorations for our dinner table. Both were closed yesterday, but open today with their Christmas decorations on sale for 50% off. I stayed home reading instead. In a rare moment of frugal thinking (and I hate it when that happens) I decided I shouldn't buy anything unless I give away some of the holiday decorations we already have in boxes.

I also spent time today thinking about events and experiences of the past year. Good and bad. Happy and sad. If you're holding onto negative and bitter feelings, it's time to own the lesson and move forward. As the afternoon ended, a peaceful smile moved from deep in her soul to cover her face. It was at this moment that Julie realized and affirmed aloud, "Letting go is incredibly liberating." 

Today I'm creating e-blasts that will go out this week and next. I'd like to find a class to take so I can be more creative with my e-blast designs. Something to put on my to-do list for 2014.

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