Sunday, February 16, 2014

Worries about Roz

Roz in Santa Fe a couple of years ago.
Mr. B and I are worried about little Roz. Months ago we were told she had arthritis in her right front leg. Since then we pick her up and take her outside so she can use the bathroom. We pick her up and put her down in front of the water and food bowls. She would sometimes limp for 10-25 feet, but now she has stopped walking at all and sometimes she can't even stand. When we put her down her legs are so weak that she falls over. (Fortunately her belly is only about six inches above the ground.) I hope Dr. Duncan's office is open tomorrow (President's Day) so I can take her to get checked out.

When we rescued Roz we were told she was three years old, which would make her about eight now. Lately we have notice how much gray hair she has gotten and she has lost two teeth. This, plus the fact that she sleeps probably 23 hours a day, makes us think she was older than three when we got her.

Today I'm creating time to read about curling. I watched some of the Olympic curling last night and never figured out the scoring. It's a project.

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