Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another productive day

My little Valentine's scene with miniature trees. The
ceramic house in the middle is about two inches tall.
Someday I'll get my sleeping habits back to normal. There was a time when I was at work by 7:30-8 a.m. every day. Now at those times I'm wishing Mr. B would finish dressing and turn off the lights. Maybe I sleep late because I stay up late? It sounds reasonable to me.

I'm getting closer to redoing our living and dining rooms. They have been the same for close to 15 years. I can't believe it! At one time, when we were thinking about selling the house and moving into a "lock-and-leave" townhouse or patio home, we did put about half the artwork in storage. But then we decided that it would be a miracle if we ever found another place that we could afford in the area we wanted, so we brought everything the artwork back into the house. Since de-cluttering is on both Mr. B's and my mind, we may donate some of the artwork to the auction I'm working on. Plus, we have a house full of artwork in Santa Fe. I'm thinking about taking some of the artwork out of the casita and giving it to Dr. Mc and #1-son-in-law Nick so they'll
give me back my signed Matisse that's in their living room.

Today I'm creating text for new ads and a delicious dinner for Mr. B. I sautéed vegetables to put on top of Tilapia I cooked. There are enough vegetables left that I can put them on top of pasta tomorrow for lunch.

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